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Defrag - Lost Worlds

Defrag - Lost Worlds

DEFRAG's 5th LP, is a combination of 3 story EP's (lost lands, lost seas, lost skies) and a condensed vinyl LP version entitled Lost Worlds. each digital EP tells the journey through its track titles and blistering rhythms of a planet falling apart and the civilization enduring travels through each biome.

The LOST WORLDS series is a symphonic clash of orchestrated strings, brutal noise, breakcore and lush melodies about a primitive civilization hit by a sudden catastrophic event.

LOST LANDS begins as the celebration sounds of life on this LOST WORLD as it transitions to LOST SEAS where an event destroys the continents forcing survivors to flee to the oceans. Lost Seas ominous tones continue as the inhabitants drift lost in the waves. LOST SKIES brings visiting angels, a salvation for survivors as they ascend to safety. are they angles, or the cause of this LOST WORLD's end?


released November 17, 2023

produced by jeff dodson
mastering by frank riggio
photographs by annie spratt on unsplash
layout by stefan alt

hymen records. ¥880

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