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Defrag - Idle Lines

Defrag - Idle Lines


With 'Idle Lines' the auteur Jeff Dodson, well-known for his genre-bending sound under the moniker 'Defrag', re-enters the stage of twisted yet possessive electronic music after a six years hiatus of this alias with a subtle bang.

Nine tracks — cinematic and non-conforming — seamlessly tying in to earlier works while expanding the outer limits of the Defrag universe by multi-faceted and meticulously refined arrangements of fracture sound design and moving melodics.

‘I sculpt new sounds that are leading innovation, not just iterative or emulating. Combining that with music that's emotional and moving is what i love doing most’ says Dodson and invites you to discover this vast array of carefully mangled sine and saw in the bristling deep space he opens up with 'Idle Lines' on independent label Kaer'Uiks.

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